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Nature and Outdoors in the Golden Isles

For anyone interested in nature and the outdoors, the Golden Isles is a paradise, and is fast becoming known for eco-tourism and other outdoor adventures.

Diamondback Terrapins in the Golden Isles
This turtle species is named for the diamond pattern on top of their shell, but the overall pattern and coloration varies greatly between individuals. Their shell coloring can range from olive brown to grey to black, and their body color can be grey to white. (More...)
The American Alligator
Discover the life history of the American Alligator, a denizen of the swamps and marshes of coastal Georgia and the Golden Isles. (More...)
The Armadillo in the Golden Isles
Many a visitor to the Golden Isles of Georgia has been taken aback by the appearance of an armadillo on their B&B lawn, or trundling along a roadway. The first recorded armadillos in the Golden Isles... (More...)
Swallow-tailed Kites Offer Spectators An Impressive Show of Aerobatics
Seeing a Swallow-tailed Kite gracefully gliding and soaring on air currents just above the tree tops can be a captivating site for even the most reticent of bird watchers. (More...)
A big manatee may measure ten feet from nose to tail and weigh up to 1,200 pounds, but they're also very particular, sensitive critters. That's why in the summer, when the water gets above... (More...)
The Prickly Pear Cactus: One of the Golden Isles Best Kept Secrets
If you think cactus only grow in the desert of the Southwest, think again. The Prickly Pear Cactus is no stranger to the Golden Isles of Georgia. (More...)
Golden Isles, Georgia: The Painted Bunting - A Species At Risk
The Painted Bunting nicknamed Mariposa Pintada, meaning painted butterfly in Spanish, is one of the most brilliantly colored songbirds in North America. (More...)
Golden Isles of Georgia Calving Grounds For the Endangered Northern Right Whale
The Northern Right whale is the world's most endangered large whale. Their only known calving grounds are the shallow coastal waters of Georgia and Florida. (More...)
Playful Dolphins, Aquatic Wonder in the Golden Isles
A Golden Isles tour is likely to feature dolphin watching somewhere along the way. Find out how special these creatures truly are by knowing something about them in advance of your trip. (More...)

Zebra Longwing Butterfly - Send this Postcard
Butterflies and moths of the Golden Isles include scores of spectacular, large and colorful species such as the Giant Swallowtail, the Zebra Longwing, the Palamedes Swallowtail, the Gulf Fritillary, and the Yellow and Black Swallowtails.

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