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Postcards and Photos from The Golden Isles of Georgia

Enjoy our photos of the Golden Isles, including pictures taken on Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Brunswick, Darien, Cumberland Island and other places along the Georgia coast! Our "Greeting Card Haven" postcards are "Safe-to-Send" (no spam or ads, ever) and the pictures appear right into the recipient's email, making the experience one of surprise and delight!

New Golden Isles pictures and postcards will be added continually, so check back often (photos below below by the publishers, Chuck and Victoria Oldham).

Golden Isles Postcards

Instructions: Click on a photo to bring up the postcard form, fill out your information, and send!

Swallowtail Butterfly
The Giant Swallowtail Butterfly is native to the Golden Isles. This one was photographed in Darien, Georgia.
Diamondback TerrapinDiamondback Terrapin of the Golden Isles. Click for postcard.
Diamondback Terrapins are protected along coastal  Georgia, where each spring they come out of the water to lay their eggs.
This horseback riding tour photo was taken at sunset on Driftwood Beach, at the north end of Jekyll Island. The publishers did this tour and loved it!
Click below for more photos:
Any day of the year, you can see shrimp boats and pleasure boats moored at the Darien Waterfront Docks. You can sit and watch the boats coming and going, or go fishing for an amazing variety of both fresh and salt water fish.
Commercial shrimp boats, followed by flocks of gulls and other sea birds, are a common sight in the Golden Isles.
Picturesque Clam Creek lined with colorful wildflowers meanders through the north end of Jekyll Island.There is always an interesting variety of sea birds gathering at the shoreline of Jekyll Island beach.
You'll see gulls, terns, and sandpipers in every size.
At Fort King George in Darien, Georgia, living history demonstrations include firing the muskets and cannons  as they did long ago at this British fort on the edge of the Darien River.
March rabbits are found only in undisturbed marshes such as those that surround the Golden Isles of Georgia. The eat aquatic plants and are even observed diving to escape predators. This marsh rabbit was photographed eating clover on the Butler Island Plantation in Darien.
At sunset, the sun seems to set right down on the water over the Butler River in Darien, Georgia. You can set up at the bridge and go fishing here, or just wait for sunset and take pretty pictures!
This dainty little green lady Anole is shown with a bulging egg on her side. She is taking a sun bath in this photo, while looking for a good place to lay her eggs.
St. Simons Island Lighthouse and lighthouse keeper's house served as a home for the lighthouse keepers from 1872 until the complete automation of the lighthouse in 1953.

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