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Welcome to Gateway to the Golden Isles

Featuring Towns and Attractions Along Scenic Coastal Highway 17

The Golden Isles is the collective name for islands and towns along the Georgia coast, on the Atlantic Ocean. This distinctive destination offers a coastal vacation paradise for tourists the world over. Gateway To The Golden Isles is the Golden Isles visitor guide with everything you need to plan your trip to this exotic destination.

Where are the Golden Isles?

The Golden Isles can be found along the Georgia coast. They're named the "golden isles" because of their vast marshes that turn a beautiful golden color in the fall, especially dramatic when lit by the setting sun. Starting from Savannah, begin your trek down scenic Highway 17 to Darien and Sapelo Island, in the center of coastal Georgia. Continue on to Brunswick, St. Simon's Island, and Jekyll Island. Heading south, visit Woodbine, Kingsland, St. Marys and Cumberland Island. Finally, cross the Georgia-Florida border to Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach.

Golden Isles Hotels and Lodging, Tours and Attractions

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Golden Isles News and Articles

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The Complete Golden Isles Directory & Visitor Guide

The official Gateway To The Golden Isles Directory, will help you find a great Golden Isles hotel or bed and breakfast with Southern hospitality and great views! You'll also find the best places to play golf, tennis, go horseback riding, or relax at a top spa! Find all the information you need to visit the islands, including maps, photos, articles, special offers and more.

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Latest Golden Isles News & Articles

Darien Georgia Hosts First Saturday
Come to the historic Darien Waterfront for a FREE day of fun, food, and festivities. FIRST SATURDAY takes place every first Saturday of the month with outdoor markets, arts and crafts, Wild Georgia Shrimp, and fun activities for families and kids. (More...)

The Golden Isles of Georgia Offer Award-Winning Golf Courses and Ideal Weather for Year-Round Golfing
The Golden Isles of Georgia's mild weather, luxury accommodations, and array of challenging golf courses make it an ideal "hot spot" for year-round golfing... (More...)

Diamondback Terrapins in the Golden Isles
This turtle species is named for the diamond pattern on top of their shell, but the overall pattern and coloration varies greatly between individuals. Their shell coloring can range from olive brown to grey to black, and their body color can be grey to white. (More...)

Toothaches, Sweets and Swallowtails
Two trees, one a native and the other a sweet smelling exotic, host the voracious caterpillars of Jekyll Island’s largest butterfly, the Giant Swallowtail. Toothache Tree, Zanthoxylum americanum, grows wild on Jekyll Island in the dunes, on spoil piles, along the causeway, and at the river’s edge—some of the most severe habitats on the island. (More...)

Jekyll Island Garden Club Quest for Beauty
Members of the Jekyll Island Garden Club share their love of gardening, native trees, wild flowers, birds and wildlife. They work with the Jekyll Island Authority on a variety of projects to further enhance the beauty of the island and historic district. (More...)

The Portrait of a Politician
Jekyll Island was named in 1734 by General James Edward Oglethorpe, founder of the Georgia colony, in honor of Sir Joseph Jekyll. In naming Jekyll Island after him, Oglethorpe flattered a man with both money and influence. Jekyll would lose some of this influence with the public towards the end of his career, however. (More...)

The Wild Beaches of the Golden Isles of Georgia
The Golden Isles of Georgia consist of 14 barrier islands known collectively as "The Golden Isles." This amazing 17-page article describes each island with its distinctive flora and fauna, history, and attractions. (More...)

Start your exploration of coastal Georgia by finding out about the features and attractions of this unique group of barrier islands and towns.

St. Simons Island, GeorgiaSt. Simons Island
Discover the best things to do in and around St. Simons Island. You'll be amazed at the homes, shops and oceanfront properties.

Little St. Simons Island
A private island, this barrier island retains the wild beauty of natural coastal beaches.

Sea Island, GeorgiaSea Island
An upscale seaside community boasts magnificent real estate and stunning ocean views.

Jekyll Island, GeorgiaJekyll Island
Gorgeous beaches, twenty miles of bike paths, luxury golf courses, marinas and sightseeing tours make Jekyll Island an ideal vacation spot.

Brunswick, Georgia Brunswick
Shop 'till you drop in Brunswick, Georgia, with its malls and boutiques to fit any pocketbook. Historic downtown Brunswick offers arts, culture and history.

Darien, GeorgiaDarien
This quaint fishing town is the second oldest city in Georgia and was founded by Scottish Highlanders. Bordered by rivers and hundreds of acres of marshland, Darien takes on a golden hue in the sun, making Darien truly a "golden isle."

Cumberland Island
Imagine a place abounding with wild horses in a scenic, natural setting, and you have Cumberland Island. The island is only accessible by boat, but tours are available.


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